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Mary Ericksen, Realtor

(651) 300-8790


Luxury Property, Waterfront Property

Mary Ericksen, Realtor


Mary Ericksen brings a strong work ethic, personal experience in home building, renovating and investing to the team. She enjoys expanding her knowledge to be a valuable consultant to her clients and help them make informed real estate decisions, whether it is a residential home or investment property. “Home is so much more than materials fastened together,” says Mary. “It is an extension of who we are and things we value most. It’s where we spend the best parts of our days with our family and friends that matter most.” Technology is transforming the experience of both buying and selling real estate, and it has become an intersection of art, business, and consulting all blended together. Mary gives back from her profits to fuel some of her passions locally and abroad, and enjoys hanging out with her family and friends in a home built with love in the St Croix River Valley.