We all have some motivator that sparks our desire to own a home.  So whether you are a veteran home buyer, or a first-time home buyer…the process is remarkably the same.

If you are a veteran home buyer, you may have specific features or amenities that you are you targeting, whereas, a first-time home buyer may have a broader scope.  Regardless the type of home buyer, every buyer starts at the same figurative starting line; that is, they must select their general home search area.

97% of buyers begin their home search on the internet in Minnesota, and they continue to use the internet throughout their buying process.  Whether you are using the MN-Houses home search or another home search engine, you will need to select a general area, home type, number of bedrooms, etc.

You can do this initial home searching without the help of a Realtor, so you can casually browse the homes for sale online without feeling any pressure.  However, force yourself to prioritize selecting 10 properties from your online search as favorites.  Then take some time to conduct “drive-bys” of these homes.  Get out to walk around the neighborhood, check out the neighboring houses, nearby amenities, and general exterior condition of the home of interest.  Does the property still appeal to you?  If not, cross it off of your list, and repeat the same process on the next home on your favorites list.

Once you do a couple rounds of this research, you will begin to feel more comfortable with discussing your findings with your real estate agent, because you will have a general “feel” for the housing market and what you like.  If you don’t already have a Realtor, you can ask friends or family for a referral, or you can reach out to us.  We’re here to help when the time is right for you!