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General City Information

Lino Lakes is a growing city of 20,216 (at the 2010 census) located in the northern Twin Cities metro, where I-35W and I-35E rejoin as one heads northward.  Probably best known for the abundance of lakes and wetlands, Lino Lakes is now home to a very trendy shopping area called “Town Center”.  This downtown-like area contains many 2-level storefronts containing office, medical and retail businesses…including a SuperTarget, Kohl’s and a YMCA.  Some local attractions include Chomonix Golf Course, National Sports Center, Rice Creek Campground, Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park, Shadow Ridge Golf Range, and Wargo Nature Center.

There are 4,850 households in Lino Lakes, of which have a median income of $92,825.  Lino Lakes is neighbored by Centerville, North Oaks, Shoreview and Circle Pines.


Lino Lakes MN Homes for Sale

Lino Lakes homes for sale are spread across 33.2 square miles, which is approximately 28 square miles of land and 5 square miles of water.  There was a doubling in the city’s population between 1980-1990, and then another doubling between 1990-2000.  As a result, a strong portion of the homes for sale in Lino Lakes range from 1985-2002.  Like other areas in the northern suburbs, split-level homes were the predominant architecture in this growth phase, with it transitioning to modified 2-story homes and proper 2-story homes.  There is a lot of open, non-farmed land in and surrounding Lino Lakes.  In fact, the area north of Lino Lakes (as one heads towards Forest Lake) is predominantly open farmland, or open unfarmed land with clutters of trees.  This makes Lino Lakes real estate ideal for those looking for a little more “space”.

A majority of homes in Lino Lakes are served by the Centennial School District along with Centennial High School and Centennial Middle School.


Information about Lino Lakes Minnesota

The first settlers, who were hunters and trappers, began coming to Lino Lakes from Canada and the eastern states around 1850.  Native Americans were already making their home around Reshanau, Baldwin, Rice and Marshan Lakes.  The Dakota Indians lived well with the abundance of wild rice and small game.  Lino Lakes was incorporated into a village many years on May 11, 1955.

The Lino Lakes city council made news in July 2010, when they approved a measure to implement an English-only resolution for the city.  This resolution precludes the use of city dollars for translation of city documents into languages other than English.  The controversial part of this ruling is that there was no prior history of document translations or expenses in Lino Lakes.  This created a stir to call the resolution a proxy for motives skirting the fiscal reasons originally used to substantiate the resolution.  Residents of Lino Lakes have pulled together as a community and now have a strong voice that helps shapes the community and the future for the city.  Come tour the Lino Lakes homes for sale today!