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General City Information

Located off of Highway 36 between I-35E and I-35W, real estate in Roseville, MN is known for its safe neighborhoods, quality schools, exceptional parks, and low property taxes. It is centralized to shopping centers such as Rosedale and Har Mar Malls, and it has the greatest number of restaurants per capita in the Twin Cities. A multitude of grocery stores, convenience stores, parks, and restaurants makes homes for sale in Roseville a hot commodity. Also, one cannot overlook the cool fact that Roseville, MN is the hometown of MacGyver (actor Richard Dean Anderson).


Roseville MN Homes for Sale

Charming ramblers and bungalows built in the 1930s through 1950s comprise many of the homes for sale in Roseville, MN. Although there is some new commercial construction in Roseville, the city has stayed true to its roots where many mom-and-pop shops still thrive with unmatched customer service. This quiet community has 23 parks including Langton Lake Park and Central Park, which is the largest park in Roseville at 220 acres. Roseville prides itself on its qualities schools. Click here for a school map showing the location and address of its public schools.


Information about Roseville Minnesota

Homes located in Roseville are one-half the distance between the equator and the North Pole. This became etched into record in 1940, when surveyors of Ramsey County marked a spot on Cleveland Ave just north of Roselawn Ave with a boulder to signify this equidistant location. Roseville as originally called Rose Township (in 1850), named after Isaac Rose, one of the first settlers. It later incorporated as a village in May 1948 with a size of 13.8 square miles, and Roseville’s population grew rapidly during the 1950s and 1960s to approximately 35,000 residents today. Some other interesting history includes Roseville being the home of the first Target store, the first Best Buy store, the first Barnes & Noble bookstore outside of New York, and the first McDonald’s restaurant in Minnesota. After looking at homes for sale in Roseville, MN, you will quickly fall in love with this charming town.