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General City Information

Located in the northeastern metro, bracketed by I-694 & Highway 96, and I-35E & Hodgson Rd, homes for sale in Vadnais Heights, MN have a lot to offer. According to a recent survey, an impressive 96% of residents questioned rate the quality of life in the City as “good/excellent”. Similarly, 80% of those questioned ranked the sense of community as “good/excellent”. Vadnais Heights possesses attributes that the residents value such as small-town feel, open spaces and lakes, strong neighborhoods, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and parks & trails.


Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Vadnais Heights, MN are spread amongst 14 different parks that include play equipment, trails, picnic shelters, soccer and softball fields, hockey and pleasure rinks, basketball and tennis courts. There is a selection of homes in Vadnais Heights ranging from ramblers, to split-levels, to modified 2-stories, to custom luxury homes. Prices range from the upper $100Ks to well over $500K. A majority of Vadnais Heights school students feed into the White Bear Lake Area public schools, except in the northwest portion of the city where they feed into the Mounds View school district. Click here for a school map showing the location and address of its public schools.


Information about Vadnais Heights Minnesota

The city of Vadnais Heights, MN has over 100 acres of parkland divided into 14 different parks. Among the most popular parks in the area the Vadnais Lake is surrounded by protected land with miles of walking & jogging trails. These twin lakes, separated by an isthmus, are free from boats and swimmers, and fishing is only allowing designated areas. This is to protect the water quality, as the lakes serve as a water supply for the Ramsey County area. The city spans 8.3 square miles, where 1.0 square miles of water (mainly Vadnais Lake), is home to approximately 14,000 residents. The Village of Vadnais Heights was incorporated in 1957, and in 1974, the village was turned into a full-fledged city. Commercial infrastructure built in the 1990s, now known as Vadnais Square, helps serve the community with shops, restaurants, groceries, and other businesses focusing on the supporting this ever-growing community.  So if you desire a fine balance of community, schools, shopping convenience and more modern architecture, you owe it to yourself to check out the homes for sale in Vadnais Heights.